How we came to be

In the Life and Health Insurance industry, it doesn’t matter what carrier you go with, or what product you are applying for there are two processes that you can count on to be bad, the Application Process and the Approval Process.

On average the complete life insurance application process is taking about 75 days and this is actually considered fast in this industry which is pretty ridiculous. No one wants to wait 75 days for anything and this waiting period has made a large percent of customers give up during the approval process and not get covered.

Eliminating a long approval process

To bring customers back and eliminate such a long approval process, we started to only focus on products that cut out all of the issues that created such long waiting periods. Application errors, medical records requests, exams and paper applications that require wet signatures.

These products are known as Simplified Issue Insurance products. Simplified Issue Insurance products took the approval time down from 75 days to 10 days. To make the time even shorter there was only one step left to complete and this is where Simply Insurance came into play. We have partnered with some of the top insurance carriers in America so that our customers have access to start insurance application process on their own.

You will always be able to Get a quote, apply, and get covered instantly, 100% online, and without an agent.

Are You Ready For Change?

At Simply Insurance you can always count on these benefits:

The above benefits have given our clients the ability to apply for insurance at work and be covered before they get off.

We have taken away their worries of passing away before the policy is approved or dealing with hundreds of phone calls from annoying sales agents.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate millennials about insurance “in plain english”, the different types of insurance, why they are needed and how to best obtain them.


Simply Insurance has taken on the responsibility of being the simplest and fastest way to buy insurance online and insuring 1Million Families, we hope you will join us on our journey.

Security You Can Trust.