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ameritas disability insurance

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We Don't Like

  • Currently Not In Every State
  • No ​Long Term Coverage Options

Summary: Ameritas Disability Insurance is hands-down, the fastest way to get quotes and buy ​disability insurance online.

​Ameritas offers a new solution for disability insurance with its DInamic Fundamental product. 

​However, this product doesn't work like any other type of disability insurance product and that is why I put this ​Ameritas Disability Insurance Review together.

​This review will​ help you see how simple and fast ​Ameritas makes it for you to apply online for ​disability insurance and get immediate coverage. 

Enjoy this Ameritas Disability Insurance Review!

Rates From $9.08/month​ ​

(Based on A Non Tobacco Female with no manual duties, making $18,000 per year.)

​No one ever thinks about ​becoming disabled, it really is probably the furthest thing on our mind.  

​And for those of us that have a desk job or blog from home, we probably don' t think something like disability insurance is needed.

ameritas disability insurance review illness

​But get this:

​90% of all disabilities come from illness, not accidents.  

​I like to think of Disability Insurance as "Paycheck Insurance" because that is what this insurance will cover; the loss of your paycheck.

​In this review today I am going to show you how the ​Ameritas Disability Insurance process works, and why it's the best way to get disability insurance quotes and buy online.

Who Is Ameritas? 

Ameritas was founded over 125 years ago in the late 1880's as Bankers Life and changed their name to Ameritas in 1988.

Ameritas is one of the oldest insurance companies in the industry and is focused on customer service and integrity.

Ameritas is over 125 Years Old

Ameritas also has an A+ (Strong) Rating with Standard & Poors and an A (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best.

This is an important factor because when it comes to insurance you need to know that you can rely on an insurance company for their financial strength and longevity.

Why Should You Care About A.M. Best?

I like to think of A.M. Best like the JD Power of the insurance industry, they have been around for over 117 years.

They rate companies based mainly on their financial strength, which can be an indicator of claims-paying ability.

Claims Paying Ability "in plain English":   A Life Insurance Company's ability to pay out on a policy.

am best

What Makes Ameritas Different?

​Unlike traditional disability insurance products, Ameritas has introduced a new type of disability product.

This product goes by the name of DInamic Fundamental and is a Lump Sum Payout Disability product. 

​This means that the product will pay out 1 lump sum payment instead of monthly payouts.

​Because this policy is simplified issue and pays out in one lump sum, the underwriting process for this product is a breeze.

Ameritas Disability Insurance Review (Video)

​How Does Ameritas Disability Insurance ​Work?

The DInamic Fundamental product is simple and easy to understand, it is the easiest and fastest way to get your "paycheck" insurance,​ and below we go over how it works:

​Simple Lump Sum Payout

​​If you can't perform the major duties of your job and your disability is expected to last for at the least one year, you will receive a lump sum payment within about a month after the disability.

​Along with this simple payout structure, you are also able to: 

  • ​Purchase a benefit amount up to ​1X your annual earnings​, up to $100k
  • Have ​​no additional benefit riders to worry about
  • Have the Policy terminate once claim payment is made
  • Keep Coverage up to age 65

​Affordable Premiums

​Your monthly pricing is going to compare with other common bill payments like cable, phone, internet and power. 

You will also get:

  • ​Level Premium Payments
  • ​Premiums Based On % Of Manual Duties

​Coverage Is Easy To Obtain​

​The cornerstone of this disability policy is that it has a Simplified underwriting process, this means:

  • ​No Exams (No Blood Or Urine Tests Or Paramedical Exams)
  • No Personal History Interviews (PHI) Required
  • ​No Attending Physicians Statments (APS) 
  • ​No Income Documentation
  • Short And Simple Application
  • No extra premium charge for substandard risks

There ​may be limited exclusions, for certain medical conditions used when needed.

​Sample Ameritas Disability Insurance Rates






25 Years Old





30 Years Old





35 Years Old





40 Years Old





45 Years Old





​50 Years Old





​55 Years Old





​60 Years Old





​*Rates are based on a Non-Tobacco Male with only 10% Of His Job Being Manual Duties

Ameritas Disability Availability & Policy Options

There are a few things to take note of with a ​Ameritas Disability Insurance Policy: 

  • ​Ages - 18 to 60
  • ​Not Currently Available  in ​California, ​Florida, ​Maryland, ​New Jersey, ​and ​Vermont. 

​How To Take Action

​This is definitely the shortest product review I have done. 

However, that goes to show you just how simple the product is and how easy it is to get covered.

If you have been holding off on buying ​disability insurance or as I call it "Paycheck Insurance" for any reason, now is the time to take action.

​Ameritas is changing the face of ​disability insurance and also changing the complete buying process.  

Just click on the ​button bellow to get started.​

Thanks For Reading My Review... Before You Go!

What did you think of my review?  Did I miss anything?

Sa El is the Co-Founder & CEO of Simply Insurance. He is a Licensed Life and Health Insurance Agent with over 11 years of experience in the industry. He is an Entrepreneur, Insurance Educator and Field Underwriter. Sa is on a Journey to get 1 Million Families insured.

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